Walking straight on the seeker’s path
not overwhelmed by the wayside odds
the pilgrim journeys to his home
on the sound-light trail of Om

Not by halfhearted pursuing
but doggedly continuing to the end
shall he know what Truth is
crossing every bridge and bend

When perplexed by doubt and despair
maze of confusion and worldly snare
the greatest mark of strength is dispassion
passing the steps of actionless action

When faced with great ordeals and surprise
when great troubles beset, great troubles arise
your perplexity calls for deeper thought
and more vigorous action with all your heart

None there that you cannot overcome
on every impediment you ride triumphant
resolving every sum, every puzzling problem
marching to victory in every trial and tribulation

By your new-found strength
you demolish all which stands
between you and the truth
and become invincible by its power.

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