To receive Love
you must be empty
zeroed, ego-free

Love is there in every soul
the root, the fruit
the fullness of the whole.

Make a bonfire of all what separates
your body sense, your conditioned life
your ego-sense, your self-hood, your gross all
to let the Loved enter your being.

Until you dowse the daemonic desires
your all-swallowing carnal fires
no sailing smooth
no sure light-footed flight.

If you were to walk in Light of Its will
no risk of relapses, no hysteric swoons
no black outs, no drooling drills

Effortlessly your arrive
in your true Home
that spring dawn of bliss
where you have always been,.

In the ever flowing current of time
no man is an island:
no barricades
no boundaries.
Then why this mystery of timeless chime?

Even on unending stretch of lone
no man is alone
but the silence of emptiness staring at itself!

Something within us always yearns
to break asunder the chains
to become one with the whole

The eternity of void
the same in the beginning
the same in the middle
the same through the cycles of Yugas.


Who is this wombing Void
He or she, male or female
a person or a principle?

A fiat or an order-will
one or many
one-many or many-one

A diversity-in-unity,
or a unity-in-diversity
both and/or either

Questions such as these
puzzle evermore
but no answer.

I confront the infinite expanse of emptiness
as a wave to the ocean
a flame to the conflagration

Each moment I yearn
to give up my ego-self
my little portion of void

To be one with the big void
that fills all space
the void that forever faces void.

I knock and knock
at the mystery’s door
but gate won’t open

Haunted by the mysterious evermore
I myself become
the knotted mystery.

Is total submission the way
of total consecration
of total surrender?

Of giving up one’s bubble self
to be wave
to be the ocean?

Where is assurance
from eternity of void?
What houses the being non-being?

Assailed ever by doubt
nothing to hope, nothing to trust
the void alone is!

Why then to whine
for a way out
in a futile struggling to arrive?

How hollow and vacant it feels
to live having given up your little void
How appalling and horrifying!

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