The goal of this group/website THE POETRY SOCIETY OF INDIA is to create a space for all fraternal poets especially from India or of Indian Diaspora to share their work. Poets may post original poems and comment and respond to comments about their work. Though no limit is imposed to post poems each day, but to make the group truly active and vibrant each brother-poet should review atleast two posts of the other fraternal poet-friends. You will kindly appreciate providing constructive review/feedback is as important for a poet as writing and publishing poems. This is the time-tested way to help the process of mutual learning and cultivation of excellence.

Please be respectful but be not afraid to offer critical comment as a way of constructive feedback. If you like the poem, record your ‘like’. A ‘like’ wouldn’t be deemed a comment.

Furthermore all members please feel free to invite as many of your poet friends to the group who share objectives of
the group in the true spirit of mutual sharing of their finest and best poetic talent and treasure-trove of creative writing.
May God bless us all.Amen!


• To promote the spirit of poetry and to foster poetic talent among people all ages.
• To give encouragement to young budding poets and honour those who have distinguished themselves as creative writers.
• To set up a poets’ cooperative for the publication of their works and exploring avenues for globalised distribution.
• To arrange poetry workshops, poetic symposiums, seminars and conferences on the art and craft of poetry and to solve the contemporary crises through the medium of poetry.
• To promote and protect the professional and economic interests of poets and to serve as a forum for the discussion of their professional problems.
• To launch a benevolent fund to render help to indigent and needy poets and to succour the families of poets struck with sudden calamity.
• To arrange to bring out on no profit no loss basis a series of poetry anthologies of member poets and to launch a bimonthly journal(s) on poetry, if the members so decide.
• To establish and maintain contacts with other institutions and organizations, governmental and non-governmental, cultural and literary work, and to enlist their cooperation in the furtherance of the objects of the society.
• To raise funds for the execution and the furtherance of these objects.
• To plan, organize, promote execute and supervise in general all such programmes as are necessary for the furtherance of the ideals of this society.

Yayati Madan G Gandhi
Founder Editor/Administrator cum Convener